Bring Kareem and Sarah back to their mother Cristel! apply the court's decision!

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Kidnapped by their father!

Seven years ago, my children, at that stage 5 years old for my daughter and 6 and a half years for my son, were kidnapped by their father, a bi-national French-Egyptian living in Egypt. For seven years, we haven’t even had the opportunity to see each other at least once a year. These visits to Cairo, constantly imposed at the last moment, took place only in public places, noisy, overcrowded, with no possibility of intimacy. Under the close supervision of at least 3 adults from the family, including the father, constantly intervening in the stories and actions of the children, this bullying sometimes went so far as to prohibit them from looking at me, talking to me, touching me. Difficult reunions between a mother and her children, after absences of more than a year.


Deprived of their mother and manipulated!

On a daily basis, my children are subjected to lies and psychological manipulation, aiming to change their perception of reality, leading them to hatred and fear of everything outside the paternal universe. Anxiety and tension largely perceptible through the few telephone conversations we get to have (less than once a month). It goes without saying that our conversations are drastically controlled and dictated by the father and his family, forcing the children to be impersonal, distant, even degrading and insulting.

After 7 years spent in these conditions of gross ill-treatment, my son will soon be 15 years old, at which age he can choose, according to Egyptian law, his place of residence. Considering the manipulations of which my children are the object, one cannot have the cowardice to accept the answer that he will give as a "personal choice". Moreover, the choice he will make for himself will inevitably decide the residence of his sister who, as a growing girl in Cairo, is exposed to quite a different kind of danger.


Unfulfilled court decisions!

After 7 years of fighting to bring my children back to me, there is today a verdict in France, condemning the father to 3 years in prison. There are also 2 verdicts in Egypt, designating me as having custody of the children.

Today, 3 times condemned, in both countries of which he has the nationality, the father of the children has still not allowed them to return back to their mother. Since the judgments were pronounced, the childrens’ fear and the pressure they have undergone have increased and now, as a "reprisal", meetings and telephone contacts between my children and myself are prohibited.


This petition is the last resort!

Time plays against the children! Every day spent in this environment seriously damages the equilibrium of Kareem and Sarah!

Mr. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr. President of the French Republic, please enforce without delay the given judgments by the legal authorities of your own countries, and have these children returned to their other family, from whom they’ve been totally cut off for 7 whole years.

Cristel Rance, a mother who merely wants to protect her children.


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