Emirates Airlines Flight Routes challenges Political and legal status of Western Sahara

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Attention: Emirates Airlines Flight Routes challenges the Political and legal status of Western Sahara.

Dear Sir/Madam,

As representatives of human rights organizations, civil society, and solidarity groups from around the world, we are writing to you in your capacity as the CEO of Emirates Airlines. We have watch with astonishment, how your Airlines has allocated the Territory of Western Sahara as part of Morocco in its current geographic flight routes.

We believe that your company as a respectable entity should respect international legality and abstain from political motivated propaganda. Emirates Airlines does not ignore that Western Sahara is separate and different from Morocco and still in the agenda of the General Assembly of United Nations as a non-self-governing territory. Furthermore, that is also the position of the International Court of Justice, the European Union Court of Justice and the continental organization the African Union. 

We, the undersigned, call on you to act with due urgency and, in conformity of international law principles and for the best interest, rectify and present the correct map of Western Sahara as it is established in United Nations, African Union, European Union and in the major airlines in the world.