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Embrace Loyalty to Planet Earth: Step out of sub-Loyalties NOW !

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Hi All,

Here is a diagnosis:

The most foolish policy in Mankind is Division - that is - people believing they belong and owe their loyalty to different groups. This division results in conflict and war. War is eating up 1.2 trillion dollars every year. In this we are not counting the man hours lost, the fact that the best of the technical scientists are wasted in making weapons of mass destruction, and so on.

We will have to begin with the Dawn of an Era in which "Divisions GO" ! Then the resources made available can solve all our problems.

It is here that the importance of this diagnosis becomes clear in terms of ability to achieve in reality:- Each of us who networks with people from other cultures dissolves the divisive influences !!!!!!!!

Each of us must teach our children that they are human beings first and anything else (refering to national, cultural, religious sub-groups) later. When every human being is loyal to humanity alone we will have the next level of changes made possible.

Agricultural policy, government policy, etc come later. The primary decision mankind has to take in this era is "Transcending Internal Divisions and Subset-Loyalties". And one-seven_billionth of the total decision resides in each of us. NO ONE CAN STOP US FROM EVOLVING FROM A SUB-GROUP IDENTITY/LOYALTY TO UNIVERSAL IDENTITY/LOYALTY !!! NO ONE !!!!

Networks like iearn and are the beginning of the process of networking beyond all subsets and borders.

Thats the good news.

Lets get cracking and increase the work of networking. The solution is in our hands.

Vinod Bodhankar
Pune, India

DO IT NOW !!! (Spontaneusly Penned Peace-Poetry by Vinod Bodhankar)

Don't moan and groan
Don't be lazy, don't postpone

Network the networks - Think !
As beyond all borders we Link -

The First Decision about Supreme Central Human Policy will be through !
'Let all other policies be Secondary to this Unifying Policy' - will be uplifted as True !

The expenditure of Body, Mind, Energy, Money and Material on War will be no more !
1.2 trillion dollars will be saved every year - and resources will be allocated according to Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen, Pachauri, Mandela and Al Gore !

We can each make this come true - Just pledge that you are a universal human being - not a nationally, culturally or spiritually biased slave !
The Light of the Sun of Unity will Rise - TO VISIT and TO HEAL the sick, the imprisoned, the hungry, the homeless, the jobless - all our wasted resources we will save !

Come, hesitate not ! DO IT IMMEDIATELY - I MEAN NOW !!!!!!!!
Take YOUR step to Universal Humanity beyond all previous borders conceived !
Take this step of PERSONAL Universal Love - and the reward of Peace, Security and Stable Abundance for one and for all will be received !

Point not your finger at any other rhyme or reason any more !
First YOU step out of divisiveness, O divided human -
- it is useless to heal the peripherals when we know that divisiveness is the lethal rotten-ness at EACH HUMAN'S VERY CORE !

Check, human, recheck ! See how reluctant you are deep inside to embrace the whole earth and its religions, cultures and nations as your very own !
Is it any wonder then - that we are reaping the whirlwinds because of the divisive seeds which in every previous human being were mindlessly, carelessly sown ?????????

Come out of divisions, brother, sister and friend -

Point not to others, it is your divisiveness which also contributes !
Let loyalty to any group less than humanity find no more place in YOUR personality's attributes !

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