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Help instigate animal welfare laws in China now

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Help instigate animal welfare laws in China now 

China currently has no enforceable animal-welfare laws, despite the fact that such laws were passed in 2006 and 2009, mainly in response to growing worldwide pressure from animal welfare organisations such as PETA. China is a country that indulges its passion for eating animals which have been tortured, as such meat is said to be more satisfying for the consumer.  It is commonplace for cats and dogs for example to be skinned alive and boiled prior to eating, whilst fish are kept alive whilst being boiled to death for the plate. Similar practices are commonplace in the production of fur where animals are frequently skinned alive, as evidenced in recent PETA footage.  
It is documented that Chinese culture is such that it is more focused on avoiding human suffering, consequently animal welfare is of little concern to the majority of the Chinese, for whom what we see as inhumane practices, are normal. 
Consumption of animals 
Despite the fact that China is now the world’s largest consumer of meat there are still currently no humane-slaughter requirements  Also increasingly outdated and outlawed farming practices such as de-beaking, de-clawing, foie gras etc are commonplace in China. 
The farming of Chinese bile bears is an horrific process whereby the live bears’ stomachs are cut to extract their bile, as this is a substance that is popular in the making of medicines.  Despite a minority of drug stores refusing to stock such products, the vast majority continue to do so. 
There has been a large amount of evidence filmed of rabbits, geese etc being slaughtered inhumanely.  Images have been publicised of rabbit fur factory/ slaughter farms, which shows crowded rabbits together in small, dirty barren cages with no bedding. Investigators had reported that rabbits were shaking with fear, living in tiny, dirty cages with not even enough room to stand up properly, bearing their full weight on slatted floors, which can lead to extremely painful sores. These rabbits are then destined to a brutal death. Investigators also reported sick rabbits were left unattended in their cages. This is the reality of tens of thousands of rabbits bred on fur farms across China.


Civet cat (pictured above captured from the wild and caged)
Wild Asian palm civets are captured and then farmed in battery cages to produce Kopi Luwak (‘civet coffee’)  They are kept in what has been described as ‘horrific conditions’ encompassing isolation, small cages and fed poor diet that all contribute to a high premature mortality rate.  Wild civet populations are under threat due to this practice. 
Further atrocities include terrible conditions in zoos and circuses where the animals are hit with metal poles, bear cubs are removed from their mothers and chained up, monkeys kept in small barren cages, all of which inevitably causes great distress to these animals. 
There is a continuing insistence for beauty products to be tested on animals, even when historical tests have been carried out on the chemicals in question. 
Finally, in Beijing there are live animals such as tiny turtles being used as keyrings, which evidently causes great suffering to the creatures. 
Clearly much work is needed to address these animal welfare issues and engage with Chinese culture to outlaw blatant animal suffering. 
Please sign my petition in an attempt to put a stop to the cruelty inflicted on animals in China so that they are protected from inhumane slaughter, cruel fur production practices, the extraction of bile for medicine, circus performance and the general disregard for animal welfare.   This needs to be instigated by the enforcement of the laws that are ironically currently in place to protect these animals.  Let’s ask the Chinese government to embrace animal welfare in the 21st century.

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