STOP spreading hate against Fr.Dominic Valanmanal

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Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

Recently a petition was started by few Catholic church haters based in Ireland, but originally migrated from Kerala, India to ban Fr.Dominic Valanmanal entry to Ireland. This petition is nothing but heinous propaganda by a group of individuals who are blatantly accusing the leading charismatic preachers in the Indian Subcontinent such as Fr.Dominic, with the hidden agenda to turn away the families from Catholic Faith and disavow the works of Holy Spirit. They have shared a merged video clip from Fr.Dominic’s two retreat talks about children with disabilities and entirely altered the context of his original message. Fr. Dominic’s only intention was to remind the couples, the importance of maintaining the purity of their bodies, which the almighty God created in his image. Several children who have autism spectrum disorders have miraculously healed by the binding prayers and healing services conducted by Fr. Dominic. The second part of the video clip in their petition itself shows the evidence of a child, who received miraculous healing from autism after the binding prayers offered by Fr.Dominic. The people behind this petition have no sympathy for the children or the parents of those who are affected, but their hidden agenda is only to generate religious hate, promote satanic influence and create obstacles for those unfortunate individuals suffering from ASD and diminish their chances of healing by the powerful intervention of Jesus Christ, the Divine healer!

We sincerely request the embassy of Ireland, which holds a strong tradition of the Catholic faith to ignore the petition by Mr.AJ targeting Fr.Dominic and we pray to God and hope that Mr.AJ and his partners will return to their right senses!  In the olden days, St.Patrick changed the history of Island, and Ireland is going to witness even bigger miracles thru the services by preachers like Fr.Dominic in the days to come!

Let us sign this petition and strengthen the Catholic church, send a clear message to AJ and his friends that the laity of the Catholic church, rebuke their heinous propaganda against Fr. Dominic!