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North Carolina Property Tax Exemption for Veterans

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Bottom Line Up Front

When will NC DIsabled Veterans and Veterans finally receive a property tax exemption that is competitive with many other states. What is the status on the legislation that failed last year in regards to said exemption. Why did it fail?

Many people in positions of authority and business claim "We support our Veterans", "We appreciate your service", "Hometown Heroes", etc. Are we really appreciated? Fight for us to receive an exemption that is fair. You have Veterans that work and are barely making it but yet they are contributing to the economy, some that cannot even work, and most that are very limited...All because of service connected disabilities, and most cases combat related disabilities such as myself.

Veterans should also be given a tax break on their vehicles. I retired from the Army from FT Hood, TX, and relocated over a year ago to NC thinking it was a great place to live as a Veteran. Did I make the right decision?

Here's how I was greeted on December 2016 when I arrived to NC. I was immediately handed a bill at the DMV to pay taxes for my 2 cars and notice of another bill to pay once I bought a home to pay property taxes. When I asked for a Disabled Veteran Exemption for my vehicles the clerk said there's no exemption for that unless I have specialized equipment in my car. 

When I contacted the Mecklenburg County Tax Assesor she told me it's only $45000 off the assessed value of the home. I was shocked. In TX it's 100% exempt in FL its 100% exempt, in SC 100% exempt, in CO it's $200,000 off the assessed value of the home, etc.

It's not about being entitiled to it, it's about a benefit I believe we have earned, and we have earned more than just $45000 off the assessed value of the home. All Veterans should receive some type of relief. We should receieve a 100% property tax exemption if 100% disabled, and 90% exemption if 90% disabled, etc. We need help on this matter. 

What is being done to fix this. It's an embarrassment to all the families and service members that have served and fought for our country. Some have gave All, but All gave some. 

We took the oath when no one else did and we made the sacrafice! 


Carlos Torres Jr
Sergeant First Class, USA, (Ret.)
100% Combat Related Disabled Veteran

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