Enforce Parent and Baby Parking

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Before I become a mum I never thought about all the difficulties you have to go through, every day is a challenge in some way or another and the amount of stress that can build up through out the day can be over whelming. Something as small as getting a parent & child parking space can make the day you're having somewhat tolerable. So when you catch people using them when they don't have children you want to scream and tell them to move, but you can't as there is no law or enforcement on it. You just have to bite your tongue and move on and try and find somewhere else.

Today I managed to get a space and my day improved by 50%. I went shopping at my local shopping centre, The Heart in Walton-on-Thames. Most people that go to the shopping centre park in Sainsbury's as its the biggest multi-story in the town. The only parent & child parking spaces are on the 1st floor and there are about 6 spots. It is always incredibly hard to get a space. I normally have to go up to the second or third floor so I have room to get my daughter and pram out. 

When I returned from my shopping with my daughter I was packing everything into my car when I noticed the lady next to me had no baby or no children. She was a middle aged woman. She walked over to put her trolly away and I stepped a bit closer to her car to double check that no car seat was there. There wasn't. I then decided to say something to her. I wasn't rude at all but I merely stated a fact, which was "you have no baby." She didn't answer but just gave me a look and got in her car. It irritated me but I decided to not let it ruin my day. That was until I was getting into my drivers seat when a young lady drove into the spot that the other lady had just left. I also noticed that she had no children or baby. I ran down my window and again I wasn't rude but I stated a fact that she had no baby. She looked at me and shrugged. By this point I was slightly wound up so I carried on by saying "you shouldn't park there, it is very irritating for people who actually have babies or children." She replied "It's none of my business."

Well now I want to make it my business. I have had enough of people disregarding the spaces and not being considerate to mothers and fathers with babies and young children. 

I want to try and get parent & child spaces the same as disabled spaces. You have to have a blue badge to park for disabled. My idea would be when someone has a child they register online with the date your child was born, automatically you have 4 years on the badge until it expires, after this you no longer qualify for parent & child spaces. The badge would be black and white and placed in the corner of the window screen. 

Some people may find this silly or over the top but I think it's necessary and I hope people will agree with me and sign to help this go further.

Thanks so much :)