Get Misha Collins on The Ellen Show

Get Misha Collins on The Ellen Show

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Ruby Curtis-Cowen started this petition to Ellen DeGeneres and

Dear Producers of the Ellen Show

I’m writing to you as a big fan of both Ellen and her ethos.
I know that your show has a wide audience and a discerning fan base and I’d like to recommend a guest for the show.
This letter is also signed by hundreds of other people who agree with me and my reasoning behind this recommendation.

The guest I would like to recommend is Misha Collins.
You may know him from the TV Show Supernatural (now in its 14th season). If you’re internet savvy (as I suspect) you’ll also know that the supernatural fandom is a rare mix of very active, involved and passionate followers, the likes of which cannot be seen in any other tv show/film/franchise.

What you MIGHT not know however is that Misha has founded a charity called Random Acts, helps with a local charity close to his home which houses single mothers and children, helped to build a school in Nicuragua and recently raised $262k in donations for survivors of the Rwandan genocide.
He also founded a world wide charity hunt with many thousands of participants over the globe who engage in acts of Kindness, weirdness and creativity.

All this from very humble beginnings and a background including periods of homelessness and extreme poverty.
I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a fascinating story and would interest a great deal of your viewers.

My other intent (besides recommending a wonderful and viewer-worthy guest for your show) is to potentially increase Mr Collins’s reach, to help more people get involved in Random Acts (for whom I now volunteer) and join in the absolute fun and weirdness of Gish (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt), something I’m sure you’ll see if you research, has changed the lives of both the people helped and its participants who are very vocal in their love of it.

I cannot stress to you how much this person has changed the world for the better.
There are so many testimonials from people who have finally been able to feel a connectivity to the world and to others who engage in both Gish & Random Acts and I’m lucky enough to count myself amongst them.

In any case, I very much hope you will consider inviting Mr Collins onto the show as a guest. As I’ve summarised in this letter, you will struggle to find a more entertaining, deserving, charming and kind individual out there and I guarantee you’ll benefit from the chance to see that for yourselves as much as your viewers will.

Kindest regards,

Ruby & supporters of Misha Collins’s charitable endeavours

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!