Build a skatepark in ELKHART Indiana

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My name is Rob Smead. I am a lifetime resident of Elkhart Indiana, and a local business owner. I have a large piece of land that I would like to donate to the county to build a skatepark on. 

The plan is very simple, I just need the support of the community to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Together with your support and the backing of the Elkhart County Parks Department, we will be able to go in front of the Elkhart County Planning & Development board and present our case as to why a great skatepark will benefit the Elkhart area. 

Growing up in Elkhart as a skateboard enthusiast was tough, as there were no public places to practice our sport other than curbs, rails, and private property. We would constantly get chased out of places and sometimes kids even got arrested for damaging property. No one ever intended to do any harm, we just wanted to be able to do what we loved. The story hasn’t changed in over 30 years. There is still no place in Elkhart that kids can skate safely without the risk of damaging property. Skateboarding really is not a crime. It’s a sport, and there needs to be adequate spaces available. No different than disc golf or any other activity.

My proposal is straight forward. I have already sourced a skatepark builder out of California (Spohn Ranch) who have assessed the land and delivered blueprints and estimated project cost. Once we have the local support we need, we can take everything to the board and ask for the permit to build. The entire project will be funded with community dollars through crowd funding. The estimated cost for the project is approximately $400K and for that we will have a very professional built park suitable for hundreds of people daily. Once completed the entire park and property will be donated to the County and become part of the Elkhart County Parks. 

The proposed location of the park is on County Road 45, starting at Sunnyside along the railroad tracks in the Concord Mall area. Approximately 2-3 acres are available for the project. 

Please help us by signing this petition and giving our local community an amazing addition to the Elkhart area and a great place where Elkhart and surrounding residents can come do what they love in a safe, clean, controlled park.