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The Future of Elk Grove, let Elk Grove residents decide what is best for Elk Grove.

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There is a push to make Elk Grove more like Sacramento and bring Sacramento politics to Elk Grove. They want to change the future of Elk Grove to embrace their own political agenda. They are pushing two proposals that would change Elk Grove and not for the better. Sign this petition tell the Elk Grove City Council that you do not support these changes. 

First they want to change how Elk Grove elects city council members. Under their proposal city council members would be elected by only the people in their district, yet vote on issues that affect the whole city. The council members would only be accountable to their voters. Under our current system, each council member is elected by the whole city and is accountable to all the residents of Elk Grove, not just their district. This forces council members to know what is going in throughout the whole city.  They want us to be more like Sacramento, which elects council members by district. Sacramento is a mess, with council members fighting and neglecting areas of the city. Crime is up in Sacramento due to leadership based on politics instead of what is best for the city.  

Their second proposal is a police commission.  This is another politically motivated proposal, again wanting to make Elk Grove like Sacramento. Crime is up in Sacramento, with the violent crime rate double the national average . Morale in the Sacramento police department is low due to the city not backing it's police officers. Officers are becoming less proactive because of this, this is one reason why crime is up. Good old fashioned police work involves being proactive in the community. The supporters of the police commission idea want something that will have authority over the police department and how they conduct business. The Elk Grove Police Department is one of the best in the area. Elk Grove's crime rate continues to drop, while areas like Sacramento are going up. What did the Sacramento City Council do to address this? They voted to pay criminals not to use guns while committing crimes.  A commission made up of people who have no experience in law enforcement is not what Elk Grove needs. The critics have cited complaints about the Elk Grove Police Department, but are not filing complaints with the city. There is already a process by which individuals can file complaints. Officers are equipped with body cameras as well as cameras in police vehicles. Incidents can be investigated. Officers are already held accountable through internal affairs and civil and criminal courts. A commission created for political means is going to make our city less safe for everyone. 

 Contact the city council and let them know what you think. Copy and paste these emails and send the city council an email with your thoughts.,,,,


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