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Tell Travis County Commissioners Court to deny the Live Oak Springs development

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Help us fight big, greedy developers who want to ruin our quiet and peaceful life in SW Austin and change the personality of our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for the worse! Tell the Travis County Commissioners Court Judge Sarah Eckhardt, Precinct One Jeff Travillion, Precinct Two Brigid Shea, Precinct Three Gerald Daugherty, our Commissioner!, and Precinct Four Margaret Gomez to vote NO to this and all future development proposals on this property!

 The Live Oak Springs is the proposed development, overseen by developer Paul Linehan of Land Strategies, Inc., and owned by David Knapp, and will destroy 164 pristine acres at the end of our street, Zyle Rd. This land is located in the Barton Springs Zone and has running water and streams that feed the Slaughter Creek Watershed. It also houses environmentally sensitive wildlife whose natural habitat is going to be destroyed. 

 Outside of this mutually-assured land destruction, this development will change the physical landscape, which will impact those neighborhoods and residents downstream and at a lower elevation through increased flooding opportunities. Additional impacts include:

·Increased traffic by estimates of 830 to 1360 additional vehicles on Zyle Rd, 1826, Mopac/45, Hwy 290, Spruce Canyon, Slaughter Ln., etc. ·Increased taxation of Emergency Response services;                     ·Increased taxation on water resources;                                           ·Increased traffic from large construction vehicles for at least a year;
·Reduced safety  due to the increased traffic;
·Noise pollution;
·Light pollution;
·Physical pollution;
·Higher property taxes and/or possible annexation by the City of Austin—even high property taxes;
·Increased crime rates; and
·Increased crowding in the school district.

 Developing for the sake of developing and because you can doesn’t mean you should. These are going to be large homes on small lots slammed together like Circle C, but backing up within feet of other people who have enjoyed their life and privacy for decades. This will also increase traffic exponentially on already overcrowded roads.

 Neighborhoods affected: Zyle Rd, Overlook at Lewis Mountain (Blayzk), Lewis Mountain Ranch, Alta Mira, Circle C, Meridian, Appaloosa Run, Granada Hills, to name a few.

Our Petition is to the Travis County Commissioners Court to permanently deny the development of this land:
Re: Case No.: C8J-2016-0228
Subdivision Name: Live Oak Springs
Address:  9406 Morninghill Dr, Austin, TX, 78737
Total Acres under consideration: 164.6
Lots: 91
Collectively known as ‘Developers or Development’

All those opposed, including the residents of Wilkerson Estates and Sunrise Country, including Zyle Rd., Zyle Ln., Midmorning Dr., Morningsun Dr., Morningstar Circle, and Morninghill Dr. (collectively known as ‘Zyle Rd.’), neighbors and neighborhoods surrounding Zyle Rd.: residents off 1826, and 45/Mopac, collectively known as ‘Petitioners’.
Points of Consideration:
1. Single point ingress/egress on Zyle Rd, not dual ingress/egress as required by Travis County;
2. Single point ingress/egress increases traffic on Zyle Rd by estimated 1300 to 2260 vehicles per day;
3. Single point ingress/egress prevents safe escape from weather or hazardous conditions, including floods or fire;
4. Changes the personality of the neighborhood;
5. Changes the personality of the surrounding areas;
6. Increases traffic on already congested Zyle Rd.;
7. Increases safety hazard and risk on Zyle Rd;
8. Increases traffic on already congested roadways on FM 1826;
9. Increases safety hazard and risk on FM 1826;
10. Increases traffic on already congested 45/Mopac;
11. Increases safety hazard and risk on 45/Mopac;
12. No sidewalks on Zyle Rd to allow safe passage of residents as they walk, run, bike, and/or, horseback ride;
13. No sidewalks or side roadway areas for kids to wait while waiting for their school bus;
14. Current Zyle Rd road conditions barely allow for the school bus, or other large vehicles, to safe without pushing the other, oncoming vehicle off the road to make room;
15. No Greenbelt buffer between Petitioners and the proposed Development;
16. Current road system does not meet standard regulations and would require widening through the usage of Eminent Domain;

Petitioners hereby request the following information be considered when reviewing the aforementioned subdivision for development and request that it be denied. If the development is to be approved, Petitioners hereby request certain conditions be met by the Developers.   
1. A bridge built over Slaughter Creek or Slaughter Creek tributary to provide the dual ingress/egress requirement;
2. An increase in the size of all homestead lots to equal those of the average of the Zyle Rd Petitioners property of 3 acres;
3. Reduction in the number of homes permitted in current and future Development(s) to no more than 30 homes;
4. Access to all Petitioners to access points for passage through the neighborhood;
5. Greenbelt of, at minimum, 75 feet or greater between the Development and current or future residences affect by this or future Developments;
6. Sidewalks created along the roadsides of the Zyle Rd neighborhood;
7. Reduction of the Speed on Zyle Rd. to 25 mph;
8. Speedbumps permanently laid such that there are easement ways for firetrucks, ambulances and emergency vehicles to pass without restriction;
9. Future road improvements to ensure Zyle Rd does not become a blocked roadway due to flooding;
10. Limitation to the light pollution through number of lights permitted to light roadways, number of homes permitted for development on all aforementioned properties;
11. Limitation of the Day(s) of week and times of day(s) construction and development activities are allowed to commence, including, but not limited to, all past, future and present Developments activities,  surveying of the property, construction of the roadway system, drainage system, bridge building system, Zyle Rd and surrounding area walkway and road improvements, home and building construction to no earlier than 8am C.S.T to 6pm C.S.T, Monday-Friday, with increased limited vehicular activity during the hours of 2:30pm C.S.T. and 6pm C.S.T. to account for all school bus children drop-offs;
12. Length of time of construction and development of the Development, including, but not limited to, all past, future and present development activities,  surveying of the property, construction of the roadway system, drainage system, Zyle Rd and surrounding area walkway and road improvements, home and building construction to no more than 2 years from date of approval of application for Development. If a bridge connecting to Derecho Lane is to be built, Petitioners hereby grant an extension of the length of time of construction by 1 fiscal calendar year, for a total of 3 years, including all previously defined activities;
13. A lot within the Development specifically designated for firehouse development and usage;
14. Usage of the Greenbelt(s) within the Development by Petitioners to use for recreational activities;
15. All aforementioned requests are to be approved and included in the Application approval from Travis County Commissioners Court and/or City of Austin and Travis County Approval District and made legally binding and enforceable under the Court of Law.

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