Help end the seal hunt that kills thousands of seals every year.

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Although the entire process of killing seals in a timely manner is supposedly justification for murder; seals are supposed to be unconscious while dying. Studies have shown that most, even the majority of the time, seals are not put fully unconscious at all, leading to more distraught and excessive suffering on their behalf, which I find unacceptable and immoral.

Why kill them for commercial fur use if we have many equally acceptable other forms of faux fur. Leading to less animal slaughter (with all species) and creating a better environment for all creatures. Not only that but due to seal hunting tradition, the population of harp seal since 1960 has declined approximately 2 million. This is because Canada's annual kill rates averaged over 291,000 between years 1952 to 1970. Thus calculating to a total of around 400 seals per day and 2000 per hunting boat. 

As you can see, this is barbaric and inhumane. To fix this, we need to show the government that the use of seal fur is utterly useless and the suffrage must discontinue. The natural food chain is suffering because of this hunt, the native culture is in distraught and we need to find a way to help this come to an end. How many more reasons does the government need to understand that this needs to end and should be on their "To-Do" list?