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Stop Nestle Stouffer's Lean Cuisine from using ANIMAL RENNET in cheese

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Help me put pressure on this and other companies to stop killing baby animals to make cheese.   Keep the babies with their moms.

As a vegetarian I do not want to eat part of an animal.  Many companies like Nestle/Stouffer's/Lean Cuisine use Animal Rennet in their cheeses. 

There are different types of rennet:Animal rennet comes from the stomach of newborn calves, lambs, and kids  (the baby goat kind).The enzymes needed are only found in the fourth stomach of the ruminants before they are weaned. For cheese making, rennet from the animal providing the milk is used (calf rennet for cow’s milk cheese for example.)There is a traditional way to get animal rennet, which involves combining the stomach of the animal with salt water or whey along with wine or vinegar. 

Animal rennet can also be genetically engineered by inserting cow DNA into certain bacteria, fungi, and yeasts – no baby animals harmed. According to Wikipedia, genetically engineered rennet has about 80% of the market share and as of 2008 approximately 80% to 90% of commercially made cheeses in the US and Britain were made using GM-based rennet.   Time for Nestle's to get on board.

Vegetable rennet can be made from a variety of plant sources such as fig, thistle, safflower, and dried caper leaves. It can also be made from genetically modified soybeans. Since there is no worldwide industrial production of vegetable rennet, it is often made from microbial sources.

Microbial rennet is made from molds (although there is no mold in it.)

Lets do the right thing and stop this process!!!     There are many sites out there that explain this process and talk about the VEAL industry.  

Please sign my petition.


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