Star Wars: Empire at War 2, and have it made by Petroglyph

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Star Wars Empire at War is the best Star Wars real time strategy game on the market and while there are alternative RTS space games, like stellaris, they are not Star Wars. Even with mods resigning other games still fail to get the same feel of Star Wars Empire at War. I'm sure we can all agree that we need a new Star Wars RTS to fill this void. 

Now to the second part, EA. They should never be allowed to make another Star Wars game. I don't know about you, but I don't want my RTS filled with micro-transactions. Petroglyph did a good job and they should be allowed to make another game. I know that in January they tried to pitch the idea but EA wasn't receptive. If we get enough signatures maybe EA will be able to figure out that we want this game, bad. 

I can't wait another TEN YEARS for EA to lose their contract with Disney but maybe if they allow Petroglyph to make the game and a small fee needs to be paid to them for the right to make the game then that would be understandable. If this were to happen I would then start a go fund me if Petroglyph needed help to pay EA. 

The last and final step is outreach. I think we should attempt to get youtubers, or any other high profile gamers, on our side. I am going to try to reach out to the XPgamer and I would really appreciate it if other would try and contact other youtubers that have played this game even if it's just leaving a comment on all their videos.

Thank you for all the support and may the force be with you.