Release MySims on the Nintendo Switch

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The first MySims game was originally released on the Nintendo Wii in 2007. It was quite popular, and 5 more games were made in the series, ending in 2010. The original MySims was ported to PC 1 year after it's release, but the rest of the series remains only available on the Wii. With the Wii being so old, it's hard to find copies of the games, and EA makes no money from a preowned copy being resold.

If the series was to be re-released on the Nintendo Switch, fans would be able to enjoy these games again, easily and in a way that supports the developers. A re-release would also attract many new fans to the series.

There are many fans of the series who would love to play these great games but can't easily because it is hard to find a copy. Re-releasing the series would allow many fans, old and new, to enjoy these games.

If you sign this petition, it will show Electronic Arts that there are many MySims fans that want to see the series brought back.