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Make Need for Speed (2015) playable offline

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We, the players who bought the 2015 installment of  Need for Speed series, are concerned about the game’s future. The game requires a constant online connection, even in Play Alone mode. This means that in the future, once Electronic Arts decides to shut the server off, the game will become unplayable.

This has already happened to Darkspore – another game published by Electronic Arts, which also had the always online DRM. In March 2016, 5 years after Darkspore’s release, its server was shut off, rendering the game unplayable – even though it had a fully functional single player mode. We fear that the same thing will happen to Need for Speed 2015, once its popularity decreases and the servers will be needed to support another game. This may come very soon, as the game is no longer being updated, and with a new Need for Speed coming this year, a lot of people will abandon the 2015 version and move on.

NFS2015 features a functional solo play mode; it should not need a constant internet connection. We were told that the main reasons why this was implemented were social interactions, like sharing photos with other players and competing in daily challenges. This sounds like a poor excuse. Forza Horizon 3 has similar social functionality and it can be played offline. Older Need for Speed games also featured photo sharing (take Hot Pursuit 2010 for example), and yet they did not force the players to be online.

The older installments of the franchise are still popular among players. People still play classics like Porsche Unleashed, Hot Pursuit 2, Underground or Most Wanted (2005) – because they do not need an internet connection to run. If someone feels nostalgic in 10 years, those games will still be playable. On the other hand, by that time NFS2015 may be dead.

Given the above, we kindly ask Electronic Arts and Ghost Games to implement the offline mode in Need for Speed 2015, so we can be sure we will be able to play it whenever we want, before it shares Darkspore’s fate.

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