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EA to Address/Fix Mechanical Issues in FIFA 17

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In FIFA 17, there is a major mechanical issue within the game that many players in the FIFA community want to be changed. This petition and the details contained within are pertaining to Online Game Modes such as Online Seasons and FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). So we as a community are coming to EA Sports to please address and fix the issue. 

First off, others, as well as I, would just like to compliment EA Sports for all the amazing game modes and content they have brought to us in this years FIFA Title: FIFA 17. FUT Champions is an amazing game mode and I think it is the one thing FIFA was lacking in its previous titles. It is without a doubt, one of the main reasons people are still playing FIFA 17. Another great mode is the Squad Builder Challenges. The content this year has just been astonishing and we would like to congratulate them for what they have brought to the table for us.

Now for the issue... Input Lag/Button Delay: 

This is easily the most popular topic in FIFA 17 this year. May it be due to the new Frostbite Engine EA have implemented this year or who knows what but this is the biggest issue in the game. The easiest way to describe button delay is where the user presses A/X to Pass the Ball to another player and it takes 1 sometimes even 2 seconds to actually commence the command. Imagine playing Call of Duty and press the shoot button and your gun shoots a second later. You are most likely dead. Same thing with FIFA. During that period of time, your opponent can predict your next move or the receiving player is already gone from the position the ball is heading towards. Same thing with shooting to score a goal. A player could be in a great position to shoot but when the Input Delay takes place, it takes a second to realize the command you want your controller to do and by then the Goalkeeper has already wrapped the ball up, in a better position to save it, or a defender is now able to make a last ditch tackle to block it. Take in mind there are games where the Input Delay does not seem to be too bad. This is what we, as a community, consider "Good Gameplay". This mechanic is definitely one of the worst to deal with and that is why I listed it first. Now, we don't know if EA implemented this on purpose or if it is due to the new Frostbite Engine, but this is certainly an issue that has worried the community since the game came out. Many players have brought it to EA Sports attention by tweeting at them on Twitter and sending in game plays of "Good" vs "Bad" Gameplay to them. Now, as stated, this may be an issue due to the new Frostbite Engine, but as a community, we feel as if Electronic Arts Sports is not even listening to us or taking our feedback to find a solution. This is enraging the community and we want Electronic Arts Sports to address the issue and make a statement to the community stating that they see the problem and are trying to fix it. 

All we ask for is effort. 

Please and thank you,

FIFA Community

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