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As a kid this game series was EVERYTHING TO ME. Especially those days mom said " you can't go he in the rain, boy are you trying to get sick"? Lol I had some real clutch showdowns against my brothers Cord and Travis. We currently do not have any games Close to this type of excitement. IMAGINE; playing NBA STREETS VOL.2 on IOS or ANDROID, with the option to create a fully customizable player ( female/male). And play online with 5 other friends in a single game 3v3. With our current technology this is possible. And we know EA loves their microtransactions maybe introduce some clothing that you can only obtain if you pay. This is just thoughts of a major basketball fan. I lost both my knees to the game that I love so much,  yet my passion will never be stopped. If you feel same way SIGN THIS PETITION.THANK YOU