NRI's to Vote in INDIAN Embassy

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According to the Ministry of External Affairs report, there are approximately 31.2 million people of Indian ancestry or origin residing outside India. India has one of the largest diaspora populations in the world with over 15.6 million according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.
Being said so,
We Indians outside India also contribute to the Indian economy, and we would also want to participate in nation building. Election is one of the key components in nation-building. As a fellow citizen of Proud India, we would like to vote in elections for great leaders.
Online voting can lead to multiple problems, as we have numerous ways to hack any online servers. The best way to vote will be making a polling booth in Indian Embassy around the world. So that every citizen of the country can vote with full confidence.
Thank you, if not now someday Indian Government will consider this option for voting in our elections for NRI's...
Jai Hind...