Preserve Existing Zoning Regulations for North Stamford, CT

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REJECT the TOWN OF NEW CANAAN applications to the Stamford Zoning Board (Application #216-47 and #216·48) requesting to install a tower, propane tank, and foundation by altering RA-l, RA-2 and RA-3 zoning districts.

  • REJECT an eighty-five foot tall flag pole type tower with a 4" diameter approximately 22' long whip antenna attached to the top 
  • REJECT high volume propane tanks that would be located close to the reservoir’s dam
  • REJECT 625 square foot foundation which requires clearing of surrounding area and access road
  • REJECT electrical equipment required to support the tower

HONOR the PROMISE of the existing Zoning Regulations for RA-l, RA-2 and RA-3 (on which property owners purchased their properties) which protects property values by limiting development to single-family detached dwellings one per lot, public parks and playgrounds, except in the RA-3 district, public schools, family day care homes, and family estates and permitted use for 17 special exceptions, ALL with the primary function of serving the residents/taxpayers of Stamford. 

  • PROTECT the Stamford residents and their property values in accordance with current zoning regulations as established and in the same fashion the Town of New Canaan has opted to protect the property values of their residents.

QUESTION why the TOWN OF NEW CANAAN wants to invest in supporting obsolete communications technology and not invest in modern technology as the CITY OF STAMFORD has done

  • QUESTION the request by the Town of New Canaan to build a tower to support radio communication between New Canaan emergency service personnel in the Northeast corner of New Canaan when these radios, and corresponding infrastructure, are ALREADY OUT OF DATE from a technological standpoint
  • QUESTION the lack of the Town of New Canaan’s financial investment in the Emergency Services Department: since 2013, the Town of New Canaan has invested only 1% of its capital budget in response to needs identified by its own first responders despite being approved for far more funding.
  • QUESTION why the City of Stamford has a technologically updated communications system and the Town of New Canaan has failed to maintain an up-to-date / state-of-the-art safety infrastructure for its residents
  • QUESTION the added benefit to the Stamford emergency responders as the two municipal systems of communication are incompatible.

INQUIRE as to how it is not possible to find a suitable location within the TOWN OF NEW CANAAN

  • INQUIRE why Stamford should be an alternative when suitable sites in (1) New Canaan have been rejected due to the same concern expressed by Stamford’s residents (sight lines and property values) and (2) Pound Ridge have been rejected due ONLY to indemnification requirements.
  • INQUIRE regarding ALL PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED SITES in New Canaan: where are these sites, why were they unsuitable, and why isn’t New Canaan looking for additional sites within its own environs
  • INQUIRE why sites with lower elevations where higher towers would be constructed are not considered.

PROBE conflicts of interest and the lack of public information

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