Protect Old Greenbelt

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Zone Protecting Old Greenbelt to be Eliminated

Under the existing Prince George’s County zoning ordinance, the original town of Greenbelt built by the Federal Government (the townhomes, apartments and Roosevelt Center) and surrounding community are part of a Residential Planned Community (RPC) zone. This RPC zone has protected building density and building uses in Old Greenbelt for several decades. The RPC zone will be eliminated as part of the zoning ordinance rewrite currently underway. Zones proposed under the rewrite will allow for development with more density, height and mass than what is currently found in Old Greenbelt. 

 Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone

One way to preserve the unique characteristics of Old Greenbelt is to have the area designated as a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NCOZ). Under the proposed zoning rewrite, a NCOZ is a flexible tool that is designed to protect and preserve the unique development features and character of established neighborhoods in the County. Unlike the current RPC zone, the NCOZ is a custom-designed zone specific to a community. A NCOZ can be established under the new zoning ordinance to protect Old Greenbelt’s character but will require Prince George’s County Council approval.

 Action is Required Now!

Without city and community support at this time, the County Council may postpone consideration of any NCOZs until after the new zoning ordinance has been adopted in 2018 and is in place for some time. In this case, consideration of NCOZs may not happen until 2020, at the earliest. This delay would leave Old Greenbelt vulnerable, under the new zoning ordinance, to development which may fundamentally change Old Greenbelt’s character. Clarion, a nationally recognized expert in zoning rewrites has already prepared a draft NCOZ for Old Greenbelt for consideration. We need your support now to make sure this draft is released. This will allow for public comment on the standards designed to protect Old Greenbelt.  It will further facilitate consideration of the adoption of a NCOZ for Old Greenbelt by the County Council concurrently with the adoption of the new zoning ordinance.


We, the undersigned, petition the Greenbelt City Council to send a letter to the Prince George’s County Council stating:

  • NO to increasing density from current level.
  • YES to supporting the adoption of a specific NCOZ for Old Greenbelt currently with the adoption of the new zoning ordinance.
  • YES to having the draft of the Greenbelt specific NCOZ, written by Clarion (the County consultant) released for community review.