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Be the voice for Dogs on Reserves as a lot of them are abused, shot at, Hit by vehicles, and are all in need! Foster, Donate, Adopt, and Transport if you can, and most importantly sign! Funding the rescues is only the Tip, the root of the problem lies within the communities themselves, and not all people are doing this to the animals, but a lot are. Any dogs that are owned need to be spayed / neutered, and all strays need to be trapped and brought in by the rescues and given the homes they deserve. This is for the good of all the rescues that tirelessly volunteer so many hours, their home and their money to all these helpless dogs, which is NEVER ENDING! You bring one dog in to rescue and there is likely 5 more on the reserve having 5-10 puppies!!! Which in turn 6-12 months later have puppies and it never ends unless you fix the root of the problem.  Most importantly it is for the good of the people in the communities! Kids and people are being mauled because dogs are starving, how many people need to die over people being irresponsible. I understand that dogs are an integral part of a family and provide healing to people, however they need to be taken care of! We need to be the dogs voice and not take NO for an answer, it should be mandatory that ALL OWNED dogs be fixed and the ones that aren't owned be brought in, fixed and given the life they deserve. Let the rescues find them homes and then the rescues can focus on helping the people in these communities care for their dogs if need be and to regulate the dog population because right now it is out of hand! 

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