Stop the export of Egyptian cats and dogs to other countries for meat consumption

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A number of days ago, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Hamid Abdul Dayem, said that Egyptian Ministry gave permission export cats and dogs to other countries for meat consumption. Exporters are not obliged to explain the origin of cats and dogs only before export operations.

These pet creatures may be exported to countries where they will be tortured because this makes their taste delicious according to some myths before being slaughtered in brutal ways.
In the Asian countries Nigeria, Indonesia and many other countries animals may be slaughtered alive for their skin.
China is the worst country where there are no animal protection laws.

It seems that there are no laws in the Egyptian constitution or international conventions that prohibit the export of cats and dogs.
Figures indicate the export of approximately 2,400 cats and 2000 dog who will be subjected to brutality during their shipment to other countries. After that, hell awaits them.

We urge Egypt to apply their teaching of their true religion and not allow these kinds of torture and suffering to the animals that really need our help!
There are many organizations willing to volunteer free of charge for dogs and cats to reduce their numbers and this may be more humane and morally adequate.