Free Sherif Gaber

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Sherif Gaber has been arrested in Egypt again for expressing atheism on his YouTube channel that has almost 150,000 followers. He has been a long time activist and has been harassed by police for defending the LGBT community, promoting science and atheism, and "insulting Islam". 

His arrest came on 05/04/2018 after he was trying to flee to Malaysia. He was sentenced to a year of hard labor in prison in 2015 after defending the LGBT community in front of a professor of his. He was able to flee and avoid jail time, but now that he has been arrested again, it's likely they will not allow him to leave. 

The Egyptian government must let Sharif go. He has only expressed his views peacefully on a platform in which no one had to watch if they were offended. They must understand that silencing differing opinions will do more harm than good. With this campaign we hope to put pressure on the Egyptian government to do the right thing, let this innocent man go.