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Causing a child's death through abuse or neglect needs tougher sentencing alongside murder

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Four year old Poppy Widdison is the latest in a long line of children in the UK who sadly died as a direct result of abuse and neglect, yet the perpetrators were not charged with murder or any such grave offence and will therefore receive a far more lenient sentence. 

These children deserve justice. The law needs to be reviewed. These people should be issued a sentence in line with that of murder despite the evidence in such cases 'not meeting the criminal standard' because mostly it takes place behind closed doors and evidence is therefore not easily gathered.

I have created this government petition in the name of Poppy and others like her (Baby P and Daniel Pelka to name but two) to ask for a review of law in these cases; to allow for a charge and sentence which are equivalent to that of murder for individuals where a child's death was caused or not prevented, either directly or indirectly, as a result of their actions or lack of action.

In Poppy Widdinson's case, Crown Barrister David Gordon said 'two addicts had put their own lives above that of Poppy Widdison’s because she was an inconvenience. He said the couple had not been charged with murder or manslaughter because her death still remained unexplained and could not be proved to a criminal standard'

I would also like assurance that all such cases are followed through by Social Services; so that they always go to court and are dealt with as crimes and not civil cases by the UK legal system.

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