Deniliquin Cemetery needs to be cleaned up!! Edward River Council PLEASE HELP!

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Deniliquin Cemetery needs to be cleaned up!! Edward River Council PLEASE HELP!

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Damien Rhook started this petition to Edward River Council

Last year volunteers worked together during their own time and during two working bees to try and make a difference to the Deniliquin General Cemetery.

It was over run with weeds, it looked disgusting and was just disrespectful to those who lay in their final resting place.Many people have been going out there and chipping away at weeds for quite some time now and before too long the weeds are back.

In recent years Community Service had been involved in the up keep and maintenance of the general cemetery.
This also included restoring graves to which they had been doing a great job as it was much needed.
Sadly,Community Service at the cemetery was cancelled early last year.
The program has not long been re instated but the Cemetery needs to be cleared of weeds as soon as possible so community service workers can concentrate on restoring graves and other much needed work out there.This will also help keep the weeds under control in the future as it's a large area.
I myself would like to thank those who have participated over the years for all of their hard work in keeping our beautiful cemetery looking it's best.

Now it's time for the council to step up and do something! They keep the lawn cemetery in pristine condition but basically ignore the general cemetery.It's embarrassing to the town and it's just wrong!

But most of all, it's bloody disrespectful!!

Edward River Council claim on their website "Council has had responsibility for Deniliquin Cemetery since 1 October 1967, following the passing of the Local Government Amendment Act 1966"

So how did it get this bad it that's the case?

There are many locals always willing to go out to the cemetery and help clean it up, but this would be made so much easier with the local council involved.

If you feel as strongly about this as I do, please sign this petition so I can deliver it to the Edward River Council and maybe we can get something done!

Our cemetery deserves to look its absolute best, we owe it to our ancestors and all those resting out there.

 I'd like to thank everyone who has worked out there over the years doing community service, you all did an amazing job! And to all those who go out in their own time chipping weeds and cleaning up.Everyone involved in the working bees, a big thank you goes out to you all as well.Every one who has helped over the years should be proud of their efforts.

Thank you

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This petition had 663 supporters

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