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Lansing NY Town Board: Schedule Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing After Holiday Season

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The Comprehensive Plan affects every Lansing resident. Any development in the town must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. For some, this will mean future zoning changes in their neighborhoods. Our school system and infrastructure costs will be influenced by this plan. Our open spaces, scenic views and native wildlife will be affected. The Comprehensive Plan is 93 pages. It is supported by over 200 pages of additional documents, surveys and maps. The Planning Board's final draft of the Comprehensive Plan was completed on November 13, 2017 and submitted to the Town Board on November 15, 2017. On that day, two Town Board members voted to extend the date of a public hearing until the Comprehensive Plan could be reviewed thoroughly and all public questions could be answered. Despite this rationale, in a three to two vote, a December 20, 2017 pubic hearing date was scheduled. While the general process of updating the plan has been discussed, there's been nearly no public dialogue on the actual content of the plan. Sixty-four pages of public comments were officially acknowledged by the Planning Board. But most of the questions contained in them were not adequately addressed. In total, there are over 350 pages of information for the Town Board to review. The Comprehensive Plan has taken seven years to craft. It is difficult to realistically believe the Town Board can give the plan the amount of attention it deserves in less than thirty days. Five days before Christmas, many Lansing residents will be overwhelmed with work, children, shopping and holiday preparations. This is not the time to hold a public hearing on something as important as Lansing's Comprehensive Plan. We are respectfully asking the Lansing Town Board to do better and schedule the public hearing after the holidays.

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