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Stop the ETS Pay Cut to Test Raters

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We are professional raters for the Educational Testing Service (ETS),  an internationally recognized leader that administers the SAT, AP Exams, GRE, TOEFL, and other tests. As raters, we work hard to bring the highest level of accuracy, skill and integrity to each test we evaluate. We are educators who understand the high stakes involved for the millions of people around the world who pay hundreds of dollars in test fees and prepare countless hours for tests that will help them gain admission to colleges, universities, and professional programs. 

We understand that the work we do as professional test raters can change lives.  

On January 3, our lives were changed. Many ETS raters received a tersely-worded email from ETS management informing us that effective February 1, our pay rate would be cut from $20/hour to $15.00/hour-- a 25 % reduction in pay (more in some cases). The email had a link to a survey where we could either click a box accepting the new rate of pay or another box to resign our position. Because we depend on our ETS pay, most of us clicked "accept".

But make no mistake, we find the ETS pay cut unacceptable.

In an official statement ETS-- a NON-PROFIT organization-- said the pay cuts were a result of "market conditions" and necessary "for ETS to remain competitive." The new $15/hour rate is substandard pay given the degree requirements, educational experience and skill required for the profession. In several US states, the $15/hour pay rate is barely above minimum wage (below in a few states). Moreover, this across-the-board pay cut fails to consider the hundreds of raters who have worked years, even decades, for ETS as dedicated employees. 

ETS raters deserve better! 

We call upon ETS President & CEO Walt MacDonald to rescind the pay cut and restore the $20/hour pay rate. If ETS must cut pay for raters, we ask they do this for new raters going forward. We also ask ETS to factor length of service into any pay cut decisions.

We implore ETS to put high standards before profit. We are worried about the impact this pay cut will have on the quality of ETS scoring, and the rating profession as a whole. We take our work as raters seriously and call upon ETS to acknowledge our work with fair wages. 

We remain stunned by ETS' decision and the callous manner in which it was communicated. But we are determined to voice our concerns, recognizing that in doing so we may be putting our ETS jobs at risk.

The stakes are too high to be silent. Each year, millions of people around the world take standardized tests. They deserve the best raters the industry has to offer. 

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