Broaden the Apprenticeship Levy so all workers can access training more easily

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We’re calling for the Apprenticeship Levy to be reformed into a training and skills levy that could be used to fund training for those on temporary contracts. Broadening the current levy so that temporary workers can access Ofsted regulated training courses would:

  • Boost progression and pay for temporary workers
  • Help tackle current UK skills shortages
  • Boost UK productivity

For some workers, apprenticeships are a great way to learn and find opportunities for progression. But with fewer people working traditional 9-to-5 jobs, the apprenticeships model doesn’t provide training opportunities to temporary workers whose contracts are nearly always less than 12 months.

Studies show that people in highly skilled permanent roles are benefiting most from training opportunities, which is increasing the UK skills gap. Yet, the Apprenticeship Levy is failing temporary workers. In the current system, vast amounts of money remain unused by employers of temporary workers. Instead, by expanding the possible uses of the apprenticeship levy, this funding could actively support the UK’s flexible workforce and areas of skills shortages.

The UK’s workforce needs more support to learn and develop. Now is the time for change – join us and call for the Government to ensure the levy is used to benefit all workers regardless of the contract they are on.