Tell BJP – To Regulate Private school’s fees in India (Learn from AAP govt. in Delhi)

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Good education should be right to every individual born in this country a right provided by the honorary constitution of this country. These days it has become the most profitable business (no wonder people with political influence and background has educational institutes as one of the prime business avenues).

Private schools are looting public on the name of Luxury education by charging hefty amount for basic education which is right of every citizen.

This is for all the parents who are struggling with school admissions & paying hefty school fees for their children.

Schools are mandated to be Non-Profit organization in India, which is far less the scenario these days if we live in India. Private school also makes up financial by transferring hefty funds on the name of lease (Rent) on non-government land to the owner who is either a businessmen or trustee or political leader. Therefore they remain non-profitable & do not come under scanner to Government Agencies.

After going through rigorous admission process, all the parents have to go through the school's financial torture when it comes to paying the fees. Besides the regular Tuition fees, schools are charging many other types of fees which are totally illogical. They are also forcing parents to buy books and uniforms from the school or specific vendors only which are sold at elevated prices. They don't care for the future of child but to fill their pockets.

Private schools are charging from a single student around 50,000 to 200,000 Rs. for Kindergarten, Nursery class, LKG, UKG & up-to 5th or 8th standard. It's very difficult to send your child into school if you are a lower Income or Middle income group parent.

On the name of admission fees 30,000 to 50,000 is charged as one time fees to secure the admission in to Preprimary or Primary school, which is indirect way of asking for donations or Bribe.

On top Schools are increasing the fee every year by 10 to 15%. School management is taking advantage lack of regulatory body or watchdog.

Education is becoming more and more commercial year over year by paying overhead tuition fees, additional/miscellaneous charges like enforcing for stationary/uniform/etc.. in private schools which is an alarm for our country and education system. In last 10 years, a fee has increased in multiple of 20 times!! Which itself tells everything.

If education gets commercialized and becomes expensive than many students (along with parents) give up their aspirations to study at schools or colleges or universities for lack of money to pay inflated fees. This ultimately cripples the growth of citizens, families, state and nation and lead to inequality of education, income, employment opportunities & bleak future of young Indian students.

Now, its time to REGULATE it in order to SAVE our country before it becomes TOP illiterate country in this digital world.!!

Why Government is not running One nation, One education program in all schools including government schools? Why India should divide the education on the bases of money. All children will get same education. Even son/daughter of farmers or businessmen will get same level of education.

Every parent in India is going through these problems & government is not taking necessary actions to curb this. These private schools have become the commercial centers instead of educational centers.

Here are the 3 primary purposes of this petition:

1.    Ask central government to regulate the fee structures for the private schools all over the India.

2.    Create a centralized admission process (at state/city level) to avoid the unwanted hassles for the parents. 

3.    Education should not become burden for Parents; student who can’t afford higher school fees run a risk of social inequality in education & adds pressure on government for their secured financial future. (Employment)

This is causing poor people to be pushed further away from the education & it’s almost equal to denying them Right of Education. Wouldn't it be good to visit a government controlled admission center to seek admission for your child, pay your schools fees (to the government) there itself & have the school collect their fees from government later? This will ensure that the schools won’t be able to charge unwanted fees. 

All India parents association is asking our government in Center, HRD - India, All states CMs & EMs the questions that why are we not able to control and regulate the Education cost? Below are the few questions which need to address immediately by ruling government in States and Center.

1)    Does HRD ministry not aware of the alarming situation, are our Authorities sleeping?

2)    Why can’t India make education free like other developed countries around the world?

3)    Why Should Government not closing or taking over private schools as they are becoming Profiting organizations & manipulating/transferring funds?

4)    Why Govt agencies & Education Ministries are so helpless to regulate the private schools.

5)    Why Our Government & Government bodies are unable to control fees hikes? 

6)    Why BJP government is not putting upper cap for Fees of private schools? Learn from AAP government who did regulate the fees in Delhi.

7)    Why should Parents pay more than INR. 50K to INR 3Lacs for taking admissions in private schools. Be it tier 1 or tier 2 &3 cities (Mumbai, banglore, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida) or small cities like (Surat, Indore, Kanpur, Jaipur)

8)    When Government will stops this non-sense activities of so called charitable trust running educational institute which are backed by Political leader & businessmen or industrialist these days.

9)    Why private schools and not mandated to get audited by top notch CA firms.  

If you agree, please sign this petition and send a strong message to government to intervene & end this private school's monopoly. Also request you to sign all the petition in this regards so this movement can rise and reach to Authorities.

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