Make self defense classes compulsory for girls in all schools of India .

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Increment in RAPE in India is not hidden now. Still , most of us are ignoring it that if a girl child will get proper defense class in her childhood or during her high school or at any age ASAP , she will not get freezed when someone will try to humiliate her , harras her anywhere , anytime . Please don't relate it to the fact that I'm blaming girls and not trying to change the mentality of those men.Because even you know that in future, may be 90% of them are changed but the rest 10% ? They will only understand when you girls will fight back at that moment , when you will hit them back when they try to touch you.

So , sign this petition because this petition is for each one of you. 

P.S. : Please suggest me whom should I add to get this petition high. This is my 1st petition and i am not aware of that much. So , please participate, help me and help yourself.