Chh.Shivaji university results, photocopy, revaluation result issues

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I have initiated the petition for the welfare of all my class and college mates and university mates. If you are a part of Shivaji University, Kolhapur, you can relate this with yourself. 

We often get our results late, later in the next semester. Because of that all our friends have to first apply for the provisional admission and then if they fail in the exams of the previous year they have to leave the college for one year. The fee is refunded

This happens every year. After a pupil fails in the exam, but feels that he/she has adequately written in the exams. The pupil applies for a 'Photocopy and Revaluation' process. Where the photocopies of our written answer-sheet also arrive late! The deadline of giving back the photocopy to revaluation is 7 days. After the photocopies are sent back to university. Our university takes a very long time in posting our results on website ( Sometimes there is no delay in our revaluation results. But most of the times the delay is so long that there remains a probability of us re appearing to the same exam in the next exam. And finally result is "Pass"!

Sometimes students have a guarantee of passing in the exam so they do not prepare for that subject in the next semester, the result is "fail" and the pupil yet again, fails to pass the examination

There is a large increase or decrease in the original and reevaluated result. How does a moderator not check the paper properly when he is supposed to do it, the very first time. Our University is losing it's quality because papers which are technically correct get less marks than the papers which have irrelevant stuff written in them. The impact these mistakes of moderator make on students is, Technically correct students score less (or fail), and those who have written irrelevant answers and filled the space in papers end up scoring better marks.

We have been watching this for more than 10 years now. I expect you to take a strong action. For the sake of university and students.

The university is named after *Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj* and tolerating these things are not a part of that man's philosophy

If you are a shivaji university student then you were well know about the fact of our university. That is late results, late photocopy dispatching, late revaluation results even after the exam is conducted And if you got upto 10 marks,  you will get refund of only the revaluation fees. All the other fees such as photocopy fees and exam fees are not refunded as well as the most important factor is the wastage of the time in this whole procedures. 

The time taken to process all this stuffs and procedures take at least the whole semester. Kindly sign the petition to change this attitude of the shivaji university. 

I recommend you to suggest/request/warn the *Chh. Shivaji University, Kolhapur* administration to speed things up and bring an upgrade to the marking scheme.
Jai Hind. Thank You