I want the panel process changed when choosing children for support classes.

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My fight is very simple, change the way they pick children for support classes.

my daughter cadence who is 5 with autism is currently in a mainstream kindy class at our local public school. This is not working! Last year we applied for a support class in mainstream public school and sadly didn’t get a spot. This decision was made by a panel who have never met our children, so if you don’t have a good application form, you don’t get in and are made to send your child who you know will not do well in mainstream, to your local school. MADE is the strong word here. It’s illegal to not send your child to school when they are 6 years old.

this is not my 1st attempt at getting help, I have been fighting since last year and will not stop untill my girl gets the education she deserves. 

So, my goal is to make people aware of what’s really going on behind closed doors. How hard it is sending your special need child to school every day knowing she hasn’t got the right support she needs. I want the whole process changed. I want these people to actually come out to the child’s school and see how tough it is on them, then have their meeting about which child needs the spot most. I don’t think I’m asking much? Our kids deserve a comfortable learning environment where they can reach their potential just like every other kid.


please sign and share so I can get word around and hopefully make a difference... please.