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Child abuse is NOT OK! We have a voice let's make a difference in Kendall & Landons Future

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Why do I care and why should you care.  Millions of children are put into danger from Mediators and Judges.  Currently my daughter is ending a 5 year marriage with a 3 and 5 year old.  My daughter as like a lot of men and women they keep things from their family because they are hoping they can fix their marriage.  But when that person finally reaches that point and wants out for his/her safety and their kids safety the judicial system makes wrong decisions or refuses to hear all the facts and the children are the ones that are hurt, whether it be mental or physical and sometimes death.

My daughter needed to get out, she left her husband 4 times in a year.  Finding out now her husband during an anger moment Picked up their cat and threw it into the wall breaking its leg.  We were told it fell out of the tree and believed that.  Of course she was threatened and told not to say anything.  Another incident my granddaughter was about 3 was scared of monsters and was crying in bed.  He proceeded to hold her down hand on her chest as she's kicking and screaming and could barely breath.  He left her alone in the room and didn't allow the mom to go and comfort her.

On a walk with the kids once in one of those running strollers the wheel fell off her tumbled over it and the two kids flipped luckily they were strapped in.  A few days later they all went for a walk with a new jogger and he was going over rocks the kids were crying and scared because of what previously happened he smacked them both and left a scratch on the head of his son from his wedding ring.  One time when my grandson was small just in the beginning walking stages we went up to his daddy and he was stepping on his ankle  we dad got up and stepped onto his ankle to show him what he did was wrong.  A toddler isn't going to understand and how much is a toddlers weight going to hurt you.

Another incident is when the father went to the store and took his son who is about 2 years old.  When he got home my daughter went out to help with what he bought and once my grandson seen his mom he wanted her which made his dad mad. He pulled the child out of the car seat by one arm and his dangling there my daughter went to grab him right as the father let him go.  This is just a few things.  No were are going through the divorce steps.  My daughters attorney said to allow the father to have visits no over nights though it will look good on her part when they go to court.  against her judgement she allowed it because you trust your attorney.  She has recorded every conversation, every pick up and drop off conversation, she has collected over a years worth of text messages where he has admitted to hitting his kids, breaking the cats arm, emails too. 

My daughter was afraid and scared to tell us  not because we would do something but because her husband forbid her to do it.

The incident that broke the camels back was on Easter.  You have to understand I have three kids, twin daughters 28 and a 15 year old.  My 15 year old is really close to all 4 of our grandkids.  My granddaughter just loves her Auntie.  My 15 year old has a heart of gold and does so much with my grandkids.  On Easter my granddaughter was upset she wanted to eat next to her Aunt so My daughter brought her to the dinner table and after she put her in her seat my son in law told her leave her alone your not sitting with her.  As my granddaughter started crying her dad yelled at her and said if you don't eat throw your F'in food in the trash and go to your room.  Well us shocked like we always are with his outburst he then leaned over to my daughter and said make your parents F'in leave now.  Where this stemmed from is my daughters dog who shes had longer than she new her husband was really looking bad.  He refused to allow her to take him to the vet.  Well through the tears I went and took him to the vet, he was having really shallow breathing not eating or drinking.  my son in law is jealous of the dog because she loves him.  I take him to the vet, through blood work and x-rays he has fluid collecting by his heart I'm hysterical due to what happened leading up to this point.  The staff at the vet were awesome they didn't charge me for a lot of things by bill went from $800 to $400.  Not only was I crying the receptionist was crying with me.  Some may say its just a dog.  Our animals are part of our family always have been they are your kids would you not take your child to the doctors if they were breathing funny.  He was put on medication and rechecked weeks later, his breathing is better but he may have cancer in his lungs they aren't sure, right now we cant afford to have more x-rays done and for them to be sent out to s specialist its going to cost over $1000 and it can be discounted its a specialist. I'm also paying for her attorney as she was a stay home mom. So when he found out that I went against what he said he was mad and furious at me, I didn't ask for the money back I did this for my daughter and her dog.  So he took out his anger on my 15 year old daughter and his daughter. 

Well needless to say we didn't leave he left we stayed to make sure she was safe and my sister stayed with her.  Over the weeks we all took turns sleeping over until she was able to get a restraining order.  Oh yes the restraining order it was granted until the hearing date. On the hearing date the judge refused to grant it but continued to say I believe you 100% and all your complaints but I'm not granting it.  She wasn't even allowed to ask why, as he ended the hearing.  She even caught him in a lie when the judged asked him if he did something and he said no and she has text message proof that he did and the judge called him out on it and he finally admitted it. Hum so what's right about this..

Now after 3 months of the father cancelling all the mediation appointments and requesting they get a private mediator which he paid a $2000 fee for the mediator was not impartial she sided with the person that pays her pay check the dad. 

For the past three months my daughter has done everything her attorney requested she do in order to show shes the better parent.  Well according to the mediator she refuses to hear or see any documentations past 3 months ago.  She claims that stuff is in the past.  Well its the past and the past has gotten us to the spot we are in now.  No matter what my daughter said she would listen.  For this visit shes received copies of two CPS reports reported by two different counselors, one was his counselor where he admitted what he did to his kids, animals ect.  My daughter asked her in the mediation if she even looked at the questioner she filled out or copies of the documents that were sent over.  Sharon replied "I haven't had a chance" so how are you to pass judgement on someone if you don't know the facts.. According to her the only facts she wants to hear is about what has happened in the past three month.  Well of course the parent is going to be on good behavior.  Since the father has had visitation my granddaughter refuses to sleep in her room she claims there are monsters in there.  We ask her why do you think there are monsters in here she says I cant tell you.  Shes 4 what 4 year old is going to tell you she has memory loss, or if I tell you I will get into trouble..Mediator can care less.

There is an end to this just not yet..  The mediator told my daughter you don't trust him and you have to..Really she should trust him hes also put his hands on her too.  What my daughter did do wrong was she didn't report it.. As this is the case with a lot of men and women they think they can fix it not realizing they should of made that phone call.. Don't use it against them were not all perfect.. Looking further into the mediator she has multiple complaints against her, it states shes been married and divorced multiple times, if you look at Yelp she has all complaints but one, her name is Sharon Sloper MFT of Sacramento County.

My point of this is, people that think they are high and mighty should not be in the career.  She should look at all the facts before making or passing judgement.  If she hasn't read the facts how can she said.. Well hes going to get more time and longer visits.  Umm the facts lady.

Why does it take something horrible to happen before anything is done.  Whether its a mother or a father in this battle please see all the facts.  How many children are excessively hurt and or killed by a parent that was given custody, unsupervised visits and over night stays.  All because someone made a wrong judgement and wouldn't take time to look at all the facts. 

So should I sit here and wait for my grandkids father to do something wrong, mentally of physically to them...NO WAY.. How can help me make this right...YOU CAN.  My hands are tied I can not do or say anything because this mediator will use it against my daughter.  Every visit which is 3 times a week I panic and pray that they come home and safely too. 

Should people of the Law look at all the facts, why should we have to wait until a tragedy happens when this could of all been avoided.  Please help me to make a change in Family Law that they consider all of the information, investigate it, talk to the people that know exactly what's going on ie. family, friends, neighbor's and co-workers.  Don't side with the person that is paying your paycheck, do you not care about the welfare of a child, they are innocent and your putting them into a dangerous situation and you have their destiny in your hands.  Lets stop abuse whether its mental or physical.. Stop if now before it gets worse.  Many will think oh this isn't bad the dad didn't do much, well it only takes one, one time and that persons life could be gone.  It has to start somewhere why wait to see what happens why ignore the inevitable, why do you allow them to have one foot in the grave.

This man deserves Punishment for putting his hands on his wife, his kids and his animals.  This is a disaster ready to happen, why let it happen.. Lets put an end to this and not allow favoritism to determine what's best for a human life.

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