Create A Family Zone In Rogers Place

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The Edmonton Oilers are a staple of the Edmonton community.  For over three decades this team has been cherished by fans, young and old alike.  We have the best player in the NHL in Connor McDavid and a brand new arena at the centre of a growing new downtown core.

Unfortunately there are many people, families in particular who are unable to attend games because of the prices.  For a family of 4 to go to a game at Rogers and get something for their kids to eat, can cost upwards of $700.  For many families that is simply unrealistic to afford.

What I propose:

Find four rows together, that is a combined total of 80 seats.  Have these seats be a dedicated Family Zone.  Families of four can purchase four tickets, receive a large popcorn to share, a soft drink and hot dog each, for a total of $400.  Make it so this deal can only be purchased by a family once a season.  Over the course of 41 game season, that would be a total of 820 families who could attend games that normally would not be able to.

At the end of the day, the Oilers are a business and at the same time, this business has thrived in this city because of the dedicated fans.  I believe that this is a compromise to both facets that would help solidify the fact that the Oilers are an organization that cares about it's fans.

What We Can Do:

Change can only happen if enough people raise their voice together.  With your help, and enough signatures, we can get a response from the Oilers Entertainment Group.  Together we can make this happen!