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Revoke Business License for Seattle's Precious Paws - A Dangerous Illegal Dog Kennel

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This is the hardest thing we have ever endured in our adult lives. Below you can see just some of the pertinent facts related to the tragic, violent death of our beloved dog, Livi the Wonderdog on or about December 29, 2016. 

We humbly ask that you consider signing your name on this petition in support of the revocation of the owner's business license issued by the City of Edmonds, Wa.We will then present that petition to the City of Edmonds.

On information and belief, the owner has made this mistake before and claimed she had learned her lesson then. Now, our family, our most precious Livi, has paid the ultimate price. Still today, they still continue to make poor staffing and dog welfare choices and is not qualified to run her own dog-centric business. 

Nothing we do will bring Livi back. But everything we do moving forward will serve to seek justice and further protect other innocent animals and families from enduring such a travesty as ours. Please, sign today.

FACT:    Our dog Livi, a 4 y/o GSP, was mauled and killed by the kennel owner's own pack of dogs (2 Pit Bulls/1 German Shepherd/1Basset and Pittie mix) on their own turf after she left them alone for 45 minutes on 29 December 2016.  Worse yet, we have private emails to clients where she has admitted prior injury for “making the same choice.”

FACT:     Precious Paws has only one valid business license, in EDMONDS. They may not illegally use that license to usher dogs to an ILLEGAL kennel at the owner’s private home in Mountlake Terrace but this is what they have done for several years now. 

FACT:     The City of Mountlake Terrace refuses to abate the nuisance with signage on the property. That signage would have saved Livi’s life because we would have seen it when we picked Livi up at the home. A City Councilor finally admitted having direct ties to the house where Livi was mauled and killed.

FACT:     There is no zoning for this non-conforming use in Mountlake Terrace and she was warned repeatedly with empty threats of civil penalties that would amount to $250,000.00 since 2014. Now, despite our dog being left unattended and killed there, they are still sitting on their hands.

FACT:     She has engaged in other reckless conduct and lied in her 2014 zoning application with the City of Mountlake Terrace. She said, “Dogs are supervised 24/7 and NEVER left unattended.” 

FACT:     The Mayor of Edmonds will only revoke the license if the police or code enforcement get involved.  Neighbors are now submitting information to Edmonds police and code enforcement. 

FACT:     She lied again on 4 Jan 2017, telling City Council “Never had so much as one bite in four (4) years.” In point in fact there was a bloody fight at the Edmonds storefront in summer of 2016 and a $584.44 vet bill for approximately 25 stitches sustained by Liko, another female dog in their care, some 18 months ago.

FACT:     City of Mountlake Terrace has taken no real action in this case but Animal Control Officer Elena McKee told Edmonds Animal Control Officer Shoemake, to stand down because, “it was going to get very ugly and messy for the city.”

FACT:    She told City Council in 2014 – “I’ve worked for Central Bark, Academy of Canine Behavior and Mountlake Terrace Veterinary Clinic.”  We cannot verify any of this and she reneged on providing information to our attorney Adam Karp.  

FACT:  It is an undisputed FACT that the owner was found to have abused social media in 2016 by the same Snohomish South Judge who threw out a bogus Stalking/Harassment Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that the owner obtained against me to try to shut down the Truth about Livi. I have those files.

But even as the bogus TRO case was pending, the owner ran over to the Edmonds Police and tried to get me found in violation of the TRO before we ha a hearing, so that they could arrest me.  I obtained a copy of the police report where they properly informed her that Elisa mom and I were fully within our First Amendment Rights. Heck the owner was not even the alleged victim in the Stalking matter, and the alleged victim NEVER filed a complaint and did not even appear on the owner's behalf for the Court hearing. This was clearly Malicious Prosecution, stay tuned.

How much more abuse can this woman dish out? We say NO MORE.

We are happy to have your support and happy to answer any questions you might have. 



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