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We are making progress, but it's up to "us"

David Salk
United States

Oct 20, 2012 — We are at 452 signature, not bad, but we need more....It's time for our industry to tell the "Luxury Story"...the mainstream media simply won't....All the talking heads ant NBC, CBS etc... make millions of dollars and shop at the best boutiques in NYC, and then tell the public to buy at Walmart so they won't feel bad about not having enough money to buy what the rich have....That's not going to change....they make their $ appealing to the masses who can't afford what we are it's up to us to educate people about what "true quality eyewear" is all about, frames, lenses AND professional service...and encourage the philosophy to those who are concerned about the cost, that buying less, and buying quality can be a very sound strategy..........


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