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David Salk
United States

Oct 15, 2012 — Thanks to those who have signed..thanks..

We are galvanizing support to provide the public with insight into the world of true quality eyewear. However, this is a big issue as there is pressure on the media to present stories in a way that demonizes those who must charge more, but provide real expertise and superior products. How ironic it is that many of these media pundits make huge salaries dispensing misleading information, and these same big salaries earned by media outlets, that end up providing support cheap, made in China companies are used to purchase luxury products in Beverly Hills and 5th Ave in NYC. It's hypocrisy, to say the least......We live in a world of cheaply made disposable products , to create the illusion that you can own more "stuff" and just pay less....Me? I'd rather have a few really nice things that bring joy each time I wear them, than a bunch of .......well, you know....

Keep getting people to sign...any media people watching?


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