Call for Edexcel to lower Maths GCSE grade boundaries, after the difficulty/ lack of time.

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GCSE Maths students sat three papers on the 21st May, 6th/11th June.

Edexcel assures students each year that the level of difficulty will remain the same in every exam series, but this year, that seems to have changed. Paper 2 was the only paper that resembled last years difficulty, while Paper 1, and more specifically, Paper 3 were extremely difficult, and couldn’t be completed in the set time of 1hr 30mins. I had such little time, I didn’t even make it to the last question, which they plagiarised by the way, as I was so short for time. The timings equate to around 3.9 minutes per question, and those questions needed serious thinking.

I’m so upset that this could ruin my chances in the future. Boundaries need to be lowered.