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Social Media bullying and violence needs to be a crime!

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Each year, tens of thousands of kids are bullied and cyber-bullied with virtually no consequences. And now, with social media in the hands of almost every child, we are seeing more and more acts of violence and hate with each passing day.  On December 2nd 2016, my son was viciously attacked while walking out of Wendy’s with his friends. As a result, he spent five days at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, including two days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. What makes this overwhelmingly worse is the fact that the attack was recorded—before, during, and after—and shared on social media (SnapChat story) almost immediately. 

WHY? Why would someone viciously attack my son and then casually walk away from the scene, leaving him with a skull fracture, ruptured ear drum, a brain bleed, permanent hearing loss, and untold future injuries. And WHY would someone knowingly record the incident and then gleefully post it for everyone to see? For likes? To gain popularity? To get more followers?

This disgusting behavior is becoming common place and currently there are no legal penalties for an individual person who knowingly records a crime for no other reason than entertainment purposes. Recording a crime of which you have prior knowledge and sharing that recording for entertainment purposes should in itself be a crime, one with real consequences.  And this is why we need your signature.

We are working with local government officials to draft, submit, and create a law ("Jordan’s Law") that will make this kind of appalling act a punishable offense. We were not able to prevent this from happening to our son but maybe we can help prevent it from happening to your child. 

We have created a website, where you can follow the progress of this law. In addition, we are partnering with several anti-bullying organizations, all of which can be accessed via 

You cannot control ignorance, you can only control how you react to it.  Please help us make a difference!

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