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Start a People's Campaign!

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The Labour Party should be the vehicle of progressive change – the people’s party, on the side of the many not the few. But for all their words, Labour’s leaders too often feel trapped in the Westminster bubble, in politics-as-usual.

We need to see what they stand for, and they need to win people’s hearts. 

Up and down the country, people’s energies are rousing -- from Glasgow to Clacton, from London streets to Cornish hamlets. Many of us feel no one is listening to them. No one is talking their language, or offering them change they can believe in.

The Labour grassroots  know what I am talking about. They need their leadership to heed the wake-up chorus, change course, and open up. 

Scotland has turned things upside down. If Ed Miliband’s Labour wants to revive the promise of Britain, rather than becoming a footnote in the history of Britain’s decline, they must tear down the wall dividing them from the British people.

The only way to do that is through a new and different kind of election campaign: a People’s Campaign.

Ed can pledge to do this at the party conference this week in Manchester. Members and non-members can raise their voices together and urge him to be bold.

Together with bold new policies on the NHS, inequality, housing and the economy, he can change the way Labour does politics.

Only Ed can decide that this is the kind of campaign he wants to run. But I am hopeful that the time is right, and that this is what he in his heart of hearts wants to do.

Now he needs to open up the campaign, and give everyone a part of it.

Please join us, sign the petition and share it with everyone you know!

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