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Return to the Memrise we all once loved, where flowers grew on Earth.

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1. Listen to your users. They are the most valuable you have. Invest on hiring people that actually read the forum post. 
2. STOP doing "improvements" to the site. It was perfect in 2013 and in 2015 but on the last years it has gone downhill.
3. We do not need a Zidgy mascot. We are not children and children is not your core user base, so stop trying to treat us as children. 
4. Make options configurable. Not all users love the auto-accept but some do. it has been years where users have, repeatedly, begged you to let us control our learning environment. 
5. Fix the bugs. Ghost entry data base?
6.  When something is not broken, do not fix it: you went from plants (that was actually pretty good concept, easy to get and to do) to planets (what? so now I see planets but flowers ares still appearing?) to a creepy, silly and childish mascot that morphs into a creepier and more childish thing. 
6. You promised badges, they were encouraging. Now they are gone. 
7. Once again, listen to your community. Fix the problems you have right now instead of disturbing every user´s learning routine. 

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