We are at risk! Killer living in our town.

We are at risk! Killer living in our town.

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A member of the infamous "Ripper Crew," convicted in the murder of a woman in the 1980's and who was released from prison on Friday has listed his address at an Aurora halfway house.
Fifty-eight-year-old Thomas Kokoraleis notified Aurora Police on Sunday of his residence at Wayside Cross Ministries on E. New York St. in Aurora, according to police officials.
According to their website, Wayside Cross' "New Life Corrections Prison Ministry provides the transforming Word of God, spiritual mentorship, teaches men to become better fathers, and offers a new pathway of redemption after jail."
Kokoraleis was one of four-members of the Ripper Crew, said to be a sadistic, cult group who are alleged to have killed as many as 17 women and man in the 1980's with many of the victims sexually mutilated.
Kokoraleis was released from the Illinois Department of Corrections on Friday after serving half of his 70-year sentence for the 1982 murder of 21 year-old Lorraine "Lorry" Ann Borowski of Elmhurst.
Borowski was abducted near her work, was raped and was later killed with Kokoraleis, along with other members of the Ripper Crew, convicted of killing her. He was originally given a life sentence but in the late 1980's appealed his conviction and was re-sentenced to a shorter term in a second trial.
We need to keep our community safe. We need to be aware and stand up for OUR rights to live and bring up our children in an environment where we can walk in our beautiful downtown without having to look over our shoulder. Sci Tech Museum, restaurants, Paramount, the river walk, so many places we want to enjoy. Just when we are starting to BUILD UP our city, this happens. If you agree, please sign this petition. If you believe, OUR right to safety is important, sign this petition. If you are afraid for your families safety, sign this petition. He needs to find another community to live his life.

3,685 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!