Improve access to Zimbabwe's payment platform to developers as a tool for economic growth.

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As developers and entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, innovation and business development is inseperable from enabling seamless financial transactions in our products and services.

We're lobbying operators that enable financial transactions in Zimbabwe to allow developers access to their services via easily consumable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)


We've identified some of the major operators as 

  • Econet Wireless through the Ecocash platform
  • Zimswitch 
  • Telecel through the Telecash platform
  • Netone through the OneMoney platform

What we're asking

We request from the above they set up API's to allow developers and businesses to proxy their platforms for payment solutions. This can may be achieved by;

  • Opening a secure publicly consumable RESTful Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Providing clear and concise documentation of the said API
  • Ensuring acceptable uptimes and reliability of the API


In our view doing this will ;

  • Enable innovative solutions to local problems.
  • Create new business opportunities - by extension create much needed employment opportunities
  • Increase their earnings by commission through variation of use case.