Stop Reproductions and Counterfeit Games Selling on eBay

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Over the past decade counterfeit and reproduction video games have been popping up on eBay more and more. At this current time the amount of fakes will sometimes be 10 times more abundant than certain titles. eBay clearly states that "If any listing has a false or misleading description of what the item truly is, then we will consider it to be fake, and is therefore not allowed on eBay. For example, if a listing for a DVD of a popular TV series claims to be an original, but is actually a pirated copy." A simple search of many popular titles for classic consoles are full with listings that violate this policy. To the point that one person or a team of persons doing so wouldn't be enough to keep up with the amount of fake listings. 

What we are asking here is that eBay steps up and stops the obviously blatant listing of counterfeit and reproduction games on eBay. These fake games are made with inferior materials that can be harmful to children, contain batteries not tested for the application they are being used in that can leak or explode, and thousands of unknowing people, who think they are getting a good deal are being sold items they think are valuable or collectible and instead are getting an item worth nothing. There are currently thousands of listings on eBay for reproduction and fake cartridges. These properties are being stolen from their rightful owners and this needs to stop.

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