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Stop the outrageous Seller Fees on eBay

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The fees that Ebay/Paypal charge are just plain ridiculous (Between 10% and 20%) then you still have to pay the Paypal fees which Ebay owns plus listing prices. The sellers are the ones that do all the work (We spend hours getting the items, listing the items, editing pictures, shipping and dealing with "our" customers) and Ebay takes far more fees than they should.

I am not saying that Ebay doesn't deserve to make money because they do after all it is there site that so many people use everyday, but they have cornered the online auction market and are taking advantage of people wherever they can. Most people would call it a monopoly and I say whatever we call it, it is most definitely unfair.

Here is an example of selling something on eBay (free shipping):

First you buy the item - $10.00
You list the item - $2.00
You Sell the item - $20.00
eBay takes fees - $2.60
Paypal takes Fees - $1.00
I ship the item - $2.60

After all is said and done you would make less than $2.00
eBay makes over $8.00! That's something like 60% over what the seller made!!
And again the seller does almost all of the work.
Don't forget that this is only if your item sells, if it doesn't your cut is even smaller and eBay makes more

Now, you could sell your $10.00 item for more, but there are already people selling it for less than you bought it for. You could charge shipping, but then the item is even higher than the person selling it for less plus, people like free shipping. The only real perk of eBay is that you get lots of traffic but, this is easily offset by the very high numbers of competitors you have.

It is time eBay hears us. Without us eBay would literally collapse. We deserve more than what they are doing to us. It is time to stop the GREEDY corporation known as eBay and let them know that we have rights too. IT IS TIME THEY CUT THERE FEES IN HALF. STAND WITH ME AND LET YOU VOICES, YOUR AGGRAVATIONS AND YOUR FRUSTRATIONS BE HEARD!!!!!

Here is their address:

eBay Inc.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125

If your up to it mail them a letter and let them know how you feel. Let them know you're signing a petition because we desrve better.

I could not find an eMail address for them if you find one please post it and I will add it here

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