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bring to New Zealand, stop the monopoly

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I started this petition because I know here in New Zealand a lot of complaints about consumer unfairness. It is endemic to this country, so I want to try and do something about it.

In New Zealand there is a long time business practice of "monopolisation" 

Whether it is Food, white-ware, electronics, gaming, clothes or internet (still $100 a month!) Kiwis are tired, we have had enough of paying way overpriced figures for for our cost of living to large corporate profit.

The monopoly can arise from bigger companies buying out the smaller competition or bribe suppliers not to work with the competition (Fletchers Group allegedly). has had the internet market place to itself since early 2000's, its dominance has led to over pricing for listings, and very high percentage 8% form sellers, which in turn has increased the prices from sellers listings, to the point where some second hand things more expensive than New!!

I feel that healthy competition would result in a beneficial marketplace, for new business's and consumers alike. has a regional website for every commercialised country on the planet EXEPT New Zealand, we can all still use Ebay, but its not considered a commercial rival to Trademe, how many people actually sell to locals on Ebay?

Trademe has become greedy and too dominant, New Zealand is long overdue for healthy competition across the board, as consumers without consumer protection (unlike the UK or US) we are bullied into parting with our hard earned money for services that the rest of the world enjoy at a much lower cost, with no one to fight for us.

Bring Ebay back to New Zealand, there is a high demand for it now, sure it may not have "worked" here all those years ago, but now its time to fill that void.

 New Zealand is a world community now, "because we live on the other side of the world, an island community who have to pay extra for imports" is just an excuse. this is nonsense and we should stand up and fight for a fairer New Zealand. 

Feel free to email these people below. (Nic Oliphant with eBay President/CEO's office) (Dave Smith with eBay President/CEO's office) (eBay Executive Relations) ( Matthew J. Bannick, President, eBay International) (eBay Government Relations Department) (President, eBay North America) (Office of the eBay President) (Pierre Omidyar, eBay Chairman)


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