STOP Rodeos at Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre

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On Saturday April 7 2018 two bulls broke their legs at the Eatons Hill Hotel Rodeo and were subsequently euthanased. Watching animals in distress and pain is surely not good family entertainment, and it is no wonder many people walked out, upset at what they and their children witnessed.

Rodeos are spectacles of animal exploitation and cruelty under the guise of entertainment. They are opposed by all animal welfare organisations in Australia, including RSPCA Qld.

Bulls don’t buck because they are ‘athletes’ or because they are having fun. They buck because having a rider on their back, spurs digging in and a flank strap tight around their abdomen feels like a predator attack. And so they do what a prey animal does – they instinctively buck to get rid of a predator threat. Rodeos simply exploit the bulls’ fear instincts over and over again. How is deliberately making an animal afraid for its life a decent form of entertainment in 2018?

Rodeos also teach children that not all animals have to be treated with kindness. This is not the lesson that children should be receiving.

Rodeos are ultimately brutal displays of domination over animals where animals are always victims, either by the injuries they receive or the psychological distress they endure.

In view of the two deaths that occurred at Eatons Hill Hotel this year and the harm that rodeos routinely inflict on animals, we urge you to never again hold a rodeo at your venue.