Save EasyGym Wood Green Classes

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In light of Easygym Wood Green’s decision to remove all classes from their timetable from June 30th 2018 – this petition wants to show the management that a large proportion of their members don’t want this change to happen.

At the moment Easygym Wood Green offers an array of classes – from Les Mills to Yoga, Pilates and Zumba – that allow people to keep fit and healthy while having fun and making friends.

Members will now be left with spinning and Pack45 as the only group training options. The EasyGym management claims that Pack45 encompasses everything that class goers need. However, speaking for myself and for many of the people around me, not everybody enjoys this activity, or even has the physical capabilities needed to it - which is why offering a wide range of classes is key, and was one of the main selling points that Easygym had.

We believe that Easygym Wood Green is a unique asset to our community, giving local residents access to facilities that help improve their health and wellbeing through participation in group activities.

Easygym Wood Green is being turned into a niche gym, no different from all the other gyms in the area. We want Easygym Wood Green to keep its classes and thus remain accessible to all - regardless of gender, size or age - rather than focus on a select portion of the population.

Please sign this petition to help us keep all our beloved classes – including Zumba, Yoga, Body Combat, Body Pump and more!

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