EastEnders: Bring Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell back from the dead!

EastEnders: Bring Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell back from the dead!

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Over the last year and a half, the popular BBC soap opera, EastEnders has faced its lowest ever rating figures, national outcry and criticism from viewers, and highly negative media responses and fan comments, based on the disgraceful quality reduction. 

When Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the highly successful and skilled former EastEnders Executive Producer, departed from the soap in 2016, the BBC were confident in enlisting Sean O'Connor, to continue and build upon Treadwell-Collins' creative production. Unfortunately, what followed was a year of boring story lines, decreased ratings and terrible decisions in regards to the cast. However, of all these ill-advised axings, the axings which caused the most anger, frustration and rage from viewers and journalists alike, was the shortsighted axings of sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, played superbly by Samantha Womack and Rita Simons, respectably. 

These characters were two of EastEnders most beloved, iconic and endearing characters from the (then) 31 years of broadcast. After almost ten years extremely memorable and gripping story lines, EastEnders had managed to not only create and develop two beloved characters, but also to expand and develop the iconic Mitchell family by introducing the brilliant blonde sisters.

The onscreen chemistry between Simons and Womack was undeniable, and the relationships with Phil Mitchell, one of the all-time EastEnders greats, and his family made for arguably the most brilliant and exciting stories and moments of the show. Since the deaths, the entire Mitchell family has fallen to the point where it is just a shell of what it once was. The terrible decision to axe Ronnie and Roxy has, at this point, irreparably damaged one of EastEnders' core and most critical families.


When Sean O'Connor axed the Mitchell sisters, not only did he remove two of the most modern and complex characters on the show ever, he also permanently damaged the Mitchell family, and the show overall. His extremely short-sighted decision to kill off Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell is one which has contributed heavily to the quality decline, viewer reduction, and tarnished reputation of a once adored soap.

Since the axings, both Samantha Womack and Rita Simons have spoke out against the unneeded and pathetic killing of their characters. They have both publicly expressed their angers and devastation of the Mitchell sisters' ill-considered fate, and have already publicly explicated their desires to return to the show. Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell must return to EastEnders. The show must be saved.

With the new highly skilled and brilliant Executive Producer Kate Oates (Emmerdale; Coronation Street) taking charge of the flagship soap, EastEnders, almost two years after the Mitchell sisters' damaging and unnecessary drownings, both viewers and soap experts alike have had their hopes restored in the soap's future, and their hopes of the possibility of the return of Ronnie and Roxy revived. Kate Oates has a reputation for restoring flagship soaps to their former glories, and one primary step that must be taken to fulfil this quality-restoration for EastEnders is to reverse the deaths of Ronnie and Roxie Mitchell. It is simply a necessary step that just must be taken to repair the soap.

What we know about the supposed "deaths" of Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell:

  • Roxy presumably "died" first following a heart-attack when jumping into a cold pool after a short period of cocaine abuse
  • Ronnie's supposed "death" was the result of her heavy wedding dress weighing her down after she jumped into the pool to save her sister.
  • Their "deaths" occurred approximately Midnight (00:00 2nd January 2017)
  • The sisters were supposedly found the next morning.
  • Based on the approximate time difference, there was approximately 8 hours between the "deaths" and the "findings".
  •  This approximate 8-hour interval has been totally unanswered for and provided more than enough time for someone to find, and potentially rescue the Mitchell sisters.
  • The "inquest" revealed the "deaths" were due to "misadventure".

With Kate Oates' creative genius, I am confident that she would have the ability to perfectly construct a classic "return from the dead" story line for the iconic Mitchell sisters, and with the gift of an almost entirely unexplored backstory of the Mitchell sisters' young adult lives (pre-EastEnders), the story line could actually be perfectly believable and realistic. A flashback episode is probably necessary. In addition,there is no reason why the returns of Ronnie and Roxy could not be intertwined as the climax of another story line. It appears that the shock and ache for questions to be answered as a result of viewers seeing Ronnie and Roxy alive would be perfect for a Christmas episode, with perhaps the flashback episode occurring during the week between Christmas and New Years.

No matter how Kate Oates revives the Mitchell sisters, it is certain that the consequences of the story will be highly positive within the show, and amongst viewers. The returns would be totally successful at restoring lost viewers and it would no doubt put EastEnders back on top, and at the tip of the tongue of the nation.

Bring back Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell!


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